All 18 Major Romantic Relationships on Friends Explained and Ranked By Normalcy

Central Perk may have been the heart of the friend group’s social life, but love was always brewing between the six. Welcome to the world of Friends, where romance is always in the air, but normalcy? Not so much. In this article, we delve into the complex web of romantic relationships that unfolded throughout the wildly successful sitcom that ran for 10 seasons. From whirlwind romances to love triangles and everything in between, we rank 18 of the most memorable pairings based on their relative level of, well, normalcy.

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Phoebe and David (Season 1)

In Friends, Phoebe and David’s sweet romance was short-lived. They clicked quickly, but David, whom Phoebe affectionately referred to as “the Science Guy” accepted a research opportunity in Minsk, forcing them apart. Though Phoebe held onto hope, David eventually returned engaged to another. Years later, David reappeared with a marriage proposal for Phoebe, but she ultimately chose Mike, recognizing him as her “lobster.” Despite their brief time together, David remained a charming reminder of Phoebe’s capacity for love.