Pop Princess & Hollywood Hunks: The Many Loves of Selena Gomez

Quick, what is trickier than finding a decent Wi-Fi connection at an outdoor music festival? Why, making sense of Selena Gomez’s love life! It is best described as having more twists than a pretzel dipped in a kaleidoscope, involving flings hotter than a Texas two-step under the July sun, and unquestionably a rollercoaster ride wilder than a Disney Channel dance party fueled by gummy bears. You might want to grab your popcorn and make good use of your judgmental eyebrows because in this article we’re going to dissect Selena’s love story, chapter by hilarious chapter. Get ready for awkward encounters, questionable choices, and enough second-hand embarrassment to fill a stadium-sized cringe pool. Let’s just say this ain’t your typical fairy tale, but it’s certainly one worth reading!

Selena Gomez 2015 Vma After Party, Muscle, Flash photography, Gesture

Puppy Love (feat Nick Jonas)

Let’s take a trip back to 2008. Jonas Brothers ruled the airwaves, purity rings were all the rage, and Selena Gomez snagged the youngest Jonas like a Beanie Baby at a school fair. Their love story was squeaky clean; a G-rated romance novel, filled with chaste movie dates and music video cameos (cue “Burnin’ Up” flashbacks!). Sadly, the purity rings couldn’t handle the heat, and the couple fizzled faster than a forgotten batch of Pop-Tarts.