Pop Princess & Hollywood Hunks: The Many Loves of Selena Gomez

Quick, what is trickier than finding a decent Wi-Fi connection at an outdoor music festival? Why, making sense of Selena Gomez’s love life! It is best described as having more twists than a pretzel dipped in a kaleidoscope, involving flings hotter than a Texas two-step under the July sun, and unquestionably a rollercoaster ride wilder than a Disney Channel dance party fueled by gummy bears. You might want to grab your popcorn and make good use of your judgmental eyebrows because in this article we’re going to dissect Selena’s love story, chapter by hilarious chapter. Get ready for awkward encounters, questionable choices, and enough second-hand embarrassment to fill a stadium-sized cringe pool. Let’s just say this ain’t your typical fairy tale, but it’s certainly one worth reading!

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Puppy Love (feat Nick Jonas)

Let’s take a trip back to 2008. Jonas Brothers ruled the airwaves, purity rings were all the rage, and Selena Gomez snagged the youngest Jonas like a Beanie Baby at a school fair. Their love story was squeaky clean; a G-rated romance novel, filled with chaste movie dates and music video cameos (cue “Burnin’ Up” flashbacks!). Sadly, the purity rings couldn’t handle the heat, and the couple fizzled faster than a forgotten batch of Pop-Tarts.

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Werewolf Boy: The Taylor Lautner Story

In 2009, Selena Gomez and Twilight heartthrob Taylor Lautner sparked some romantic fireworks, creating a brief but entertaining chapter in the pop culture love saga. Their fling had fans speculating faster than a cat video goes viral. While the details of their relationship might be as elusive as a mischievous raccoon zipping across your roof, one thing’s for sure – Selena and Taylor had a moment in the spotlight, proving that while Team Jacob may have won Bella’s heart, for a fleeting moment, Selena had her own werewolf beau.

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Love on Repeat: Selena and The Bieb’s Enduring (and Confusing) Connection

Selena’s on-again, off-again romance with Justin Bieber, which spanned from December 2009 to November 2017 was one for the ages. It was an utter whirlwind of red carpets, paparazzi chases, and enough teenage angst to fuel a Taylor Swift album. Jelena certainly kept the tabloids busy and fans on the edge of their seats! Though their paths eventually diverged, their love story remains a pop culture phenomenon, a testament to the power (and pitfalls) of young love in the spotlight.

Katy’s Ex, Selena’s Next?

Once the dust had settled and Jelena was no more, Selena Gomez entered a new chapter in her romantic journey with none other than Orlando Bloom. The unexpected pairing raised eyebrows and left fans collectively saying, “Wait, how?” Known for their individual star power, the duo created quite the buzz as their unlikely connection unfolded. Their brief dalliance might not have lasted, but it certainly added a dash of intrigue (and maybe a sprinkle of drama) to Selena’s romantic adventures.

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Back 4 More: Selena’s 2014 Encore with Justin

The world absolutely went bonkers when Jelena: the Rebirth made its presence felt. Round Two (or twelve, because we honestly lost count at some point?) of the Biebs and Selena’s on-again, off-again tango featured whispers of reconciliation swirled amidst flirty Instagram comments and cozy getaways. Remember that steamy black-and-white photo captioned “Our love is unconditional?” Yeah, that pretty much summed up the vibe. Well, until it wasn’t.

Mixing It Up: Selena and Zedd’s Sizzling Summer Collaboration

Cue the electro beats, grab your glow sticks, but absolutely do not pop the pills that a partygoer who styles himself “Dr Midnight ” is handing out! This is because next up in Selena’s love life is none other than DJ extraordinaire, Zedd! Their 2015 fling was a summer romance with a modern twist, fueled by sizzling music collaborations and flirty social media exchanges. Remember their steamy music video for “I Want You To Know”? Yeah, that pretty much caused the entire Internet to briefly catch fire.

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Stylish Intrigue: Selena’s Unveiling of Samuel Krost?

In 2016, Selena Gomez’s love playlist threw us a complete curveball with the introduction of Samuel Krost. The fashion executive and Selena were spotted out and about together, adding a potential name to the list of her intriguing romances. Their relationship, or whatever you care to call it, although not extensively documented, added a mysterious and stylish note to Selena’s dating history. Samuel Krost became a chapter in the book of Selena’s love life…but only allegedly!!!

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Kiss the Mic, Not the Lips: Selena and Charlie’s Brief but Buzzworthy Duet

Gomez and fellow pop star Charlie Puth’s connection blossomed through music, fueled by collaborations like “We Don’t Talk Anymore” and “Where Are Ü Now.” Remember that on-stage kiss at the Billboard Music Awards? Yeah, good luck trying to unremember that! Their flirtatious chemistry spilled over into interviews and social media, with Charlie calling Selena “an angel” and admitting he had a “huge crush” on her. Selena, in turn, praised his talent and gushed about their creative synergy. But there was no real fire, it was quickly extinguished as Selena returned to a familiar face soon afterwards…

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From Vegas Nights to Lunch Dates: The Rekindled Connection Between Selena and Orlando

In May 2016, what appeared to be a Selena-Orlando sequel—showcasing a mix of nostalgia and newfound connection—left fans eagerly anticipating the next unpredictable twist in the captivating tale of Gomez’s love life. But, alas, it ultimately proved to be nothing more than wishful thinking. One source told E! News “They are not dating.” And the fact that Bloom was spotted with Laura Paine shortly thereafter would seem to confirm this.

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Selena Gomez and The Weeknd’s Love Journey Across 10 Months and Multiple Continents

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye) had a whirlwind romance that lasted for 10 months, starting in January 2017 and ending in October 2017. Their relationship began shortly after The Weeknd’s breakup with Bella Hadid and Gomez’s split from Justin Bieber. 

While they were together, Gomez and The Weeknd traveled the world, following The Weeknd’s international Starboy: Legend of the Fall tour. During the summer of 2017, Gomez underwent a kidney transplant due to her Lupus, and The Weeknd arranged his tour dates to support her during her recovery. Abel was one of Selena’s biggest supporters; however, managing their relationship became challenging with The Weeknd’s tour schedule and Gomez working in New York. After much back-and-forth about their relationship, they realized it was tough to maintain and decided to end it.

Guess Who Popped Back Into the Picture? Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez! 

Right before Selena called it quits with The Weeknd, she and Justin were spotted having breakfast and going to church together. Then, in no time at all, they were all over each other. We saw them on cozy bike rides and smooching at hockey games. It was like they were shouting, “We’re back together!” from the rooftops.

But, as luck would have it, by March 2018, the duo hit another rough patch and broke up again. And well, we all know what happened next. Justin ended up marrying Hailey Baldwin, and Selena channeled her feelings into two fiery breakup songs about Justin. Talk about a rollercoaster romance!

December 2023—Right This Very Moment: Benny Blanco

In December 2023, Selena Gomez made it Instagram official with music producer Benny Blanco. She left several comments confirming their relationship, saying, “He is my absolute everything in my heart.” This came just a few weeks after rumors started that they were dating.

Selena and Benny had been hanging out for some time before deciding to make things more serious. Everything’s been going great between them, and Selena is really happy. She finds Benny super funny and incredibly talented. Right now, Selena’s feeling good about life, relaxed, and content. She’s excited about where their relationship is headed. Sounds like things are looking up for them!