7 Absolutely Bonkers Things About Old Hollywood Celebrities

Welcome to a journey back in time, where the glitz and glamour of Old Hollywood hide some absolutely bonkers stories that are almost too wild to believe. From secret spy lives and fearless acts to scandalous affairs and mysterious happenings, these stories about iconic stars will leave you in awe.

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1. Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple’s immense popularity and talent sparked an unusual conspiracy theory: some thought she wasn’t a child but an adult with dwarfism. In a bizarre twist, the Vatican even sent a priest to verify her age, who ultimately confirmed she was indeed a child.

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2. Audrey Hepburn

As a child, Audrey Hepburn bravely performed at secret concerts in the Netherlands during World War II. These performances were to raise money for the Dutch resistance, a risky act that could have led to severe punishment if discovered by the Germans. Aubry unquestionably deserves immense respect.

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3. Josephine Baker

The 1940s saw many celebrities doubling as spies during World War II. Take Josephine Baker, for example, who lived in Nazi-occupied France. She would charm Nazi officials, get them tipsy, extract military secrets, and then cunningly write these secrets in invisible ink hidden in her underwear.

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4. Cary Grant

Apparently, Cary Grant also spied on people, but in Hollywood. Cary Grant, the suave Hollywood icon, reportedly took on a covert role in Tinseltown, searching for Nazi sympathizers. One of his targets was German-born Count Kurt von Haugwitz-Hardenberg-Reventlow, who was married to heiress Barbara Woolworth Hutton at the time. Interestingly, Grant later married Hutton after her divorce.

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5. Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe’s last known words were eerily spoken to actor Peter Lawford, brother-in-law to both Robert and John F. Kennedy. “Say goodbye to Pat, say goodbye to Jack, and say goodbye to yourself, because you’re a nice guy,” she said. The ‘Jack’ here referred to then-President JFK. This call is significant because of Monroe’s rumored affairs with both brothers JFK and Robert F. Kennedy. There were also whispers that Robert F. Kennedy visited her the night she died, although the Kennedys denied this. However, Monroe’s housekeeper Eunice Murray, who discovered her body, claimed that Robert had visited Marilyn and they had argued. Suspiciously, Monroe was found holding her phone with a crumpled White House number, and despite her connections to the Kennedys, there were other odd details about her death. After discovering her body, Murray called Monroe’s psychiatrist before the police, who arrived nearly an hour later. Furthermore, Lawford claimed he knew of her death at 1:30 a.m., whereas the wife of Monroe’s press relations manager, Arthur Jacobs, later maintained that her husband had received the call about Marilyn’s death at 10:30.

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6. Natalie Wood

Natalie Wood’s death remains one of Hollywood’s most enigmatic mysteries. The “West Side Story” star was on a boat trip with her husband, Robert Wagner, when she drowned. Wagner admitted to arguing with her before going to bed. The next morning, Wood was found dead, a mile away from the boat, with bruises and signs of a struggle. Witnesses reported hearing screams, and the boat’s captain later claimed to Wood’s sister that he saw Wagner push her overboard. Another fascinating twist: Christopher Walken, Wood’s co-star, was also on the boat that night.

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7. Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie, the queen of mystery writing, created a real-life puzzle in 1926 when she vanished for 11 days. After tucking her daughter into bed, she drove off, and her car was later found abandoned. She left three mysterious letters behind and was eventually found at a spa. She was amnesic and checked in under her husband’s mistress’s name. This incident, believed to be caused by the trauma of her husband’s affair and her mother’s death, remained unexplained, leading to speculation that it might have been a publicity stunt.