8 Once-Mighty Celebrities Whose Stars Have Fallen

Certain celebrities stay in demand for decades. Harrison Ford, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart and Jamie Leigh Curtis come to mind. But for the majority, fame is fleeting. Their star shines brightly after their first box office hit and they become the next big thing…until Hollywood and recording studios stop calling. This can be a difficult thing to accept, especially when the feeling of being idolized by millions and making tons of money in the process is so exhilarating. For these 8 former has-beens, the show has been over for quite some time, but good luck trying to convince them of that. 

Paris Hilton A Dj, Musician, Purple, Concert, Entertainment

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton was the epitome of “famous for being famous.” Although her reality show The Simple Life was a modest success nearly two decades ago, the high school dropout and heiress to the Hilton Hotel fortune was more accomplished at breaking the law and starring in the biggest box office bomb in history (The Hottie and the Nottie) than anything else. These days she spins records at dance clubs in small, random European cities that nobody has heard of. But at least she isn’t hounded by paparazzi anymore.