Top 5 Most Loved Colors

When you think of colors, surely there is an array of hues that come to mind. Variations of color can go on for miles and miles, and everyone has a different one that they gravitate towards – and rightfully so. Colors are more than just changes in the way light bounces off of a surface. Colors make us feel something. They can evoke memories, emotions and associations to a range of things. The colors we like or dislike even tell us a lot about individual preferences, personalities and beliefs. Colors help us stand out, fit in, make a statement, express ourselves, avoid danger, welcome happy moments, and generally understand and experience so many things in life. While almost everyone has a favorite color, research shows that there are some colors that are more popular than others. Based on studies there are a few colors that are supposedly the most liked by people all around the world. If you are ready to learn more about the hues that are most popular all across the globe, check out these top 5 most loved colors.

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Blue is said to be one of the most loved colors on Earth, and is preferred by over 35% of all people. That means that four in ten people love the color blue. This is a shocking fact because interestingly enough, blue is one of the rarest colors that occur naturally.

Facts about the color blue:

  • Productivity is higher in blue rooms.
  • Blue makes us feel calm and peaceful, especially with deeper shades of blue.
  • There are very few naturally blue-colored foods.
  • Blue-eyed people only make up 8% of the world’s population.
  • Men tend to favor the color blue more than women do.

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Green is liked by 22% of people, and is ranked as the second most loved color by the world’s population. Green embodies concepts and places like nature, harmony, fertility, and good health. It evokes a feeling of safety and comfortability.

Facts about the color green:

  • Green symbolizes good luck, and is the national color of Ireland.
  • The Chicago River and Savannah River are dyed green every year for St. Patrick’s Day.
  • Suicide rates dropped 34% when the London Blackfriar Bridge was painted green.
  • Egyptians thought of green as sacred and a symbol of hope and joy during the time of Spring.

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Purple is loved by 19% of people globally. It is ranked as the third most likely color in the world. It is the color of romance, sophistication, luxury, and nobility. It is associated with royalty because purple dye was once so expensive that only the rich could afford to use it in their furnishings and clothing.

Fun facts about purple:

  • Some people experience anxiety by looking at purple — a condition called porphyrophobia.
  • All carrots were purple prior to the 16th century.
  • Purple Day is celebrated every year to raise awareness of epilepsy and neurological disorders.
  • Purple is used to symbolize the LGBTQ+ community in Western cultures.

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Red is only liked by 8.5% of the world. It typically symbolizes courage, danger, risks, and strength. Red is also commonly associated with love and seduction.

Facts about red:

  • Red has over 20 different shades.
  • The red stripes in the American flag represent courage.
  • Studies show that red clothing makes people appear more attractive.
  • Bulls are not actually enraged by the color red, as they cannot even visually detect the color.
  • In 1990, almost all Ferraris were the color red. “Rosso Corsa,” which means “racing red,” was the most popular color for Ferraris during this time.

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Orange is ranked as the 5th most liked color on Earth. It is loved by approximately 6.5% of people around the globe. Orange is a color that represents joy, happiness, creativity, and enthusiasm. It is also associated with Fall as the leaves of this season are shades of orange. It is also the color of the sunset, which many people enjoy and admire. Because of this orange is associated with freedom, feelings of Zen and calm.

Facts about orange:

  • While Queen Elizabeth I reigned, she only allowed the nobility to wear orange clothes.
  • Orange is used to signal danger in traffic situations, as with orange traffic cones.
  • Orange cars are said to be driven by fun and trendy people.
  • Orange is the national color of the Netherlands.
  • Orange is one of the most easily seen colors in the reflection of water or in dimmer lighting.