8 People With The Longest Body Parts

Nothing fascinates people like the exceptional. If you’re mediocre, that pretty much means you’ll be invisible to just about everyone else. And while not all exceptional things may seem as praiseworthy at first, we have this thing called the Guinness Book of World Records to prove us wrong time and time again.

Some of the records kept in there have very little to do with actual talent, but are more about how people are built or go through life. Let’s take a look at some of those people and how exactly they made it into the world record book.

Texas Teen World Record Longest Legs, Shorts

Longest Legs

The world record for the longest legs is currently held by Maci Currin, who hails from Texas. She’s already capitalized greatly on her record and got herself an OnlyFans to show off her 135cm (53 inches) legs, which make up a whopping 60% of her total height. Just to give you an idea: her legs alone are almost as tall as Danny DeVito.

World's Longest Toenails, Hand, Smile, Shoulder, Human body, Flash photography, Thigh, Knee

Longest Toenails

Well, not every record you break has to be a pretty one, does it? Louise Hollis made the books for having the longest toenails – and she’s had them for nearly 3 decades. Each toenail has a length of almost 6 inches, which means she can’t wear closed shoes and even has to wear at least a 3 inch platform so her toenails don’t scratch the floor. That seems like a bit much just to not clip your toenails, doesn’t it? Let’s not turn this into a trend, people.


We’ve had the toenails already, so might as well finish the top set too. The longest fingernails are currently being held by Diana Armstrong from Minnesota. Her longest nail measures 138,9 cm (4 ft 6,7 in). If that’s not impressive enough for you, the combined length of her fingernails clocks out at 1305,56 cm (42 feet and 10 inches), which is longer than a school bus.

The previous record had been held by Lee Redmond, who grew her nails to a combined length of 865 cm (28 ft 4 in).

Guinness World Record Longest Mustache, Fashion, Human body, Standing, Gesture


Growing a nice moustache is a feat most men should be able to accomplish, but Ram Singh managed to grow his mustache for over 50 years. It’s now measured at a mindblowing 564 cm (18,5 ft) in length. The Jaipur resident is freakishly proud of his moustache, as he rightfully should be. He’s had the title since 2010 and pretty much still keeps growing it. His daily moustache routine takes almost up to two hours!

Sarwan Singh Longest Beard, Sky


The longest beard on a man measures 2.495 m (8 ft 2.5 in) and belongs to Sarwan Singh from India who currently lives in Canada.

Chinese Lady Has World's Longest Eyelashes, Forehead, Nose, Skin, Lip, Chin, Hand, Eyebrow, Eye, Eyelash, Smile


If long eyelashes are your dream, Chinese You Jianxia is probably someone to be very jealous of. Her eyelashes measure up to 8 inches. You says she has no real routine to keep her eyelashes this long, she just keeps them clean and intact. She believes her long eyelashes are a gift that was given to her by the Buddha, and who are we to tell her she’s wrong?

longest tongue


Another pretty gross record, the longest tongue in the world is currently held by Nick Stoeberl. He’s held the record for a decade now, and his tongue can measure and impressive 10,1 centimeters (4 inches) in length. That is measured from the tip to the middle of the closed top lip. It does look pretty weird, though.

Mehmet özyürek, Forehead, Nose, Skin, Smile, Eyebrow, Sky, Jaw, Gesture, Ear


Having a big nose is usually not something we consider to be a good thing. There is however a record holder for having the largest of all noses, and his name is Mehmet Özyürek. This Turkish gentleman has a nose measured at 8,8 cm and he couldn’t be prouder of his record-breaking specimen. He’s held the record ever since 2010 and measuring his nose over and over again has disproved the myth that noses never stop growing.