Confusing Perspectives Are Taking Over The Internet

Optical illusions are the most fun time to spend a few hours on the internet. Since sharing is caring, let’s bring the discussion on some of these optical illusions to you. What do you think is really happening in these pictures?

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Is That Two Bald Men?

You thought this was something else at first, didn’t you? It’s definitely two bald guys, but I can imagine a lot of people in the crowd were getting overly excited at what they were seeing at first.

Giant Woman, Shorts, Sports uniform, Sports equipment, Field house, Player

She Got Legs

That girl is just perfectly placed to give the appearance of a real giant. That might’ve been a real shocker to anyone looking at her and working their way up to understand the other girls are the same size actually.

Produce, Food, Ingredient

Look at Those Coconuts

At first, this just looks like your ordinary bowl of coconuts, and then you take a second look and realize that one of the coconuts on the right has ears. And a tail. And is probably purring its cute little backside off.

Eldritch Horror Cat, Cat, Gesture

Spider Cat

No, it’s not a “broken” cat, you have to look at this for way too long to understand what was going on. Get it?

Wildlife, Plant, Vertebrate, Wood, Tree, Trunk, Mammal, Twig

Longest Doe Ever

If you’re ever in the woods at night and you see this, it’ll take you a few good seconds to figure out that a doe isn’t supposed to be that long. It’s definitely one of the funnier things you can see in the wild though.

Smile, Smile, Flash photography, Gesture

Phantom Hands

Seriously, where does that hand come from? Who does it belong to? How many hands are in this picture? None of it makes any sense and I’m scared.

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Weird Pose

I just need someone to draw me the skeletons like a stick figure so I can see what each hand is attached to.

Obama Sun, Forehead, Sleeve, Gesture

Obama The Superhero

We already knew Obama was a man of great power, but not “conjuring a miniature sun out of thin air” power. To be honest, Obama is one of the few people on this planet I’d genuinely trust with godlike powers and abilities.


Crawlspace or Mars?

At first glance, this probably looks like some sort of Martian sci-fi construction, but it is indeed just a guy’s crawlspace. Whether or not his crawlspace has Martians living in it, I can’t say. And if I could, I doubt I’d be allowed to.

Sky, Sky, Blue, Cloud

Look At The Night Sky

Man, just look at that lovely blue shade that sky has. I wish every day could look like this. Wait, why is there a lamp hanging there? My whole life has been a lie and reality is nothing but a simulation. We’re all living in someone’s kitchen, apparently.

Dog playing


No dogs were harmed during the capture of this image.

Ordenar Deposito, Bicycle, Wheel, Tire, Bicycle tire, Bicycle handlebar, Bicycle wheel rim, Bicycle frame, Bicycles--Equipment and supplies, Automotive tire, Crankset

Jesus Why

Who hates gravity so much that they’d put a bike upside down right near an overhead rack? This took me way too long to figure out the picture wasn’t just flipped upside down. I’m still not entirely convinced, to be honest.

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Can You Spot It?

I’ve been staring at this photo for a solid 10 minutes and I can’t figure it out.