6 Women With Uniquely Large Body Parts

Let’s face it, most of us are pretty boring when it comes to our features. We have conventional lips. Normal-sized eyes. Tongues that make most people strug. But then there are those who really stick out due to their unnaturally large body parts. When you’ve got ridiculously long legs, gigantic boobs, or a tongue that would make even the most stoic anteater blush, why not flaunt it? These six ladies certainly have, and they’ve become really popular on social media platforms as a result. Let’s take a look at their unusual body parts.

Yusupova Redmila (Longest Tongue)

What in the name of all that is glorious and mighty is that thing coming out of her mouth? Some kind of monster-sized space worm? No, believe it or not this model from a country that shall remain unnamed is blessed with a crazy long tongue. While most of us make a living by being paper-pushers or shuffling Uber customers all around the city, Miss Redmila makes her dough by simply showing off her nearly half-a-foot long. We’ll tell you one thing: if we had a tongue that long, imagine the things we could do. We would never leave the house and that’s a fact.

Currin Maci (Longest Legs)

We imagine most folks would feel mighty insecure if everybody stopped and stared at them for having such long legs. But when you’re 19-year-old Currin Maci, you don’t care what they think because you’ll just squash them like a bug. At the mere age of 9, she was already as tall as the average American male, and these days she’s pushing 7 feet, with most of the height attributed to her 53-inch legs. Not surprisingly, she holds the Guinness World Record for longest female legs. During her high school days, the Texas-born teen used this length to her advantage on the volleyball court because why wouldn’t she?

Oz Maria (Biggest Eyes)

The self-proclaimed record holder for the largest eyes in the world, you certainly aren’t going to get any arguments from us! Born in the Kyiv suburb of Irpen (where lots of Russian tanks deservedly got blown to bits), Maria could easily be mistaken for an owl, but one that does photography and surreal animation rather than the kind that hoots all night and eats mice. She’s also an accomplished model who has done high-profile shoots with Atlas, Bvlgari, and Elle Magazine. She has stated that because of Russia’s war, she hasn’t gotten as much work as she did in the past, but we’re confident the future will be bright for our Ukrainian friend.

Cole Allegra (Huge Chest)

This American-born erotic photography model and former star of the reality series Botched, a show about plastic surgeries gone awry, has some of the biggest (unnatural) breasts in the world. Measuring at an impossible 51 inches (130cm), each of her boobs is nearly twice the size of a regulation NBA basketball. After two surgeries, you’d figure she’s probably all done, right? Well, think again because she has stated she’d like to go back under the knife and make her chest even bigger!

Eudoxie Yao (The Most Curviest Hips)

Eudoxie Yao, a model, singer, and social media influencer from Côte d’Ivoire has something the rest of us most definitely do not have: a rear end that measures in at a whopping 60 inches (152cm). Although Internet geniuses, who are always right because they say so, insist her booty cannot possibly be natural, Miss Yao dares them to prove she had surgery. So far, there aren’t any photos that would indicate otherwise, so we’re all aboard the Yao Train.

Samantha Ramsdell (Huge Gaping Mouth)

With over 3.2 million followers on TikTok, this native of Samford, Connecticut has made a name for herself due to her Hungry-Hungry-Hippo-like mouth. It measures more than 2 ½ inches when agape, a certified Guinness World Record. It’s also around 4 inches across, nearly the same length as a hot dog if you’re looking for perspective. The woman can literally stuff an entire serving of large Mcdonald’s fries into her mouth at once and has the videos to prove it. What can you and your inferior-sized mouth do? Yeah, we thought so!