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Some of the Weirdest Haircuts You Can Find on the Internet

The internet is a place of wonder and mystery, where you can find pretty much everything you’ve ever dreamt of. If it doesn’t exist yet, odds are someone will make it for you very soon. One of the things the internet has been getting increasingly good at is putting a bunch of weird people together and allowing us to enjoy them as a collection instead of just a single individual.

No longer will we be able to spend our days thinking the weird ones are just a vocal minority, no sir – the weird ones are everywhere and they’re rising in number on a daily basis. Take these guys that use their haircuts to create a small bed for their babies, for example.

We can all agree that’s pretty weird right? And before everything was on the internet, you’d think he was just the only one doing weird things with his haircut.

Now you get to wake up and watch this guy right alongside a few people that cut their hair like chameleons. That’s right, with the legs and everything.

Not weird enough? Okay, what about people that style their hair so it looks like a colorful patch of flowers, or a water melon.

Or any other kind of fruit.

Or hearts.

There’s no limit to what these people will do to gain a few minutes of Instagram fame and boy did we fall into their trap ever so swiftly.