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The 10 Largest Bodybuilders of All Time (as of 2022)

If you’re a guy, who doesn’t dream of getting ripped? It makes you look imposing. It gets you girls. You are the envy of all the other guys who wish they could be as swole as you are. The process of becoming a bodybuilder takes time and discipline. The first couple of years will be spent on training and adhering to a strict diet plan. From there, you enter the phase where you’re packing on more bulk and strength. Of course, to become the biggest of bodybuilders, you need rare genetics, including height and a natural build, things that no amount of weight lifting will ever improve. So who are the biggest bodybuilders in history? Here are the top 10!

10. Lee Haney

Although Haney is just a couple of years short of collecting social security checks, he hasn’t allowed age to prevent him from competing with bodybuilders young enough to be his son. Although he only stands at slightly under 6 feet tall, he’s 250lb of pure muscle. He’s won eight Mr. Olympia titles, tying him with the legendary Ronnie Coleman. He is the founder of the Lee Haney Games, a bodybuilding competition for both males and females that judges them based on a variety of factors, including physique, fitness, and wellness.

9. Dennis Wolf

An ethnic German who was born in the former Soviet state of Kyrgyzstan, he’s acquired the nickname “The Big Bad Wolf.” And for good reason! He packs 275lb onto his 5’11 frame. He didn’t immediately get into bodybuilding when he was younger; he first participated in martial arts before deciding in 2005 to take up the sport. He subsequently won the Arnold Classic in 2014 and took 4th place at the Mr. Olympia competition the following year.

8. Jean Pierre Fux

During the bodybuilding season, this Swiss-born professional bodybuilder weighs 260lb, and weighs more than 300lb during the off-season. He began training in 1984 at the age of 16 and entered his first major competition at 25, placing 4th at the IFBB World Amateur Championships in 1993. These days he works as a personal trainer and dedicates himself to helping neglected and abandoned cats.

7. Ronnie Coleman

When it comes to bodybuilders, few are as accomplished as Coleman is. From 2000 through 2007 he won the Mr. Olympia title, a record he shares with the aforementioned Lee Haney. He’s 5’11 with a 60” chest and weighed as much as 300lb during competitions. Aside from his achievements as a bodybuilder, he also holds a Bachelor’s of Science in accounting, which he obtained from Grambling State University in 1984.