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Newest Makeup Tricks Most Girls Haven’t Used Before (2 of 3)

Leave Shimmery Eye Shadow Creasing In the Past

While shimmery eye shadow lining your creases may have been a trend in the past, it can actually make you look older. This is because those fine lines that can come with age are highlighted by the shimmer. Go for a more matte color to make your skin look more smooth.

Use Powder for Your Eye Shadow

Take your eye shadow up a notch with powder. Just before you apply your eye shadow, dust your lids with loose powder. This will help keep your eye shadow looking fresh longer. It will adhere to the powder instead of your skin, which will diminish the risk of caking and fading.

Keep Cotton Swabs in Stock

Cotton Swabs are a catch-all for many makeup issues. Keeping a stash of cotton swabs will help you stay prepared for all situations, from runny mascara to smudged lipstick. This little tool will be your best friend makeup-wise.