7 Curvaceous Models Who Are Changing the World of Fashion

When it comes to the fashion industry, there has always been a very slim margin for what is considered an acceptable body image. This has been the case since the 90’s, when the super-thin models became the standard. What is interesting is that the fashion industry did not start out this way. When the concept of the fashion model was formed in the 1950’s, the industry-standard was the hourglass figure. The beautiful thing is that the fashion world is returning to its former glory and embracing a wider range of body types on the runway. And there are some beautiful and brave women who are at the forefront of this recent movement. Curvy models have been changing the fashion game, and taking plus size fashion from a marginalized sector to one that is celebrated and highlighted. Their important strides are trickling down as most things do in fashion, and leading to a body positivity movement that is totally reshaping how we see ourselves and our bodies, teaching us to be more self-accepting, and giving the same acceptance to diverse looks and shapes. To learn more about these amazing ladies, check out these 6 curvaceous models who are changing the world of fashion.

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham has become one of the most popular curvy models in recent years. She is a total inspiration to all, and carries herself with such confidence and poise. She is one of the curvy models that carved out a lane for other models that have come after her, and has become a full-on body positivity activist. She uses her social media to promote acceptance and self-love, and has been featured in top designer fashion shows, such as Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Gucci, and many others.