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Top 10 Television Couples According to Reddit Users

We love sitcoms for the humor or quirky plots. When we watch dramas, we enjoy the unexpected twists and turns. But the real key to any television show is the romantic element. For instance, when we watch Pam and Jim in “The Office,” we feel like we’re invested in their relationship as well. Although the “will they or won’t they” element can get a bit frustrating, we all understand that it’s unavoidable. In fact, this is what draws people to these shows. So who are the top 10 television show couples according to Reddit users? Let’s take a look.

10. Emily And Paige (Pretty Little Liars)

Reddit users identify Emily and Paige from “Pretty Liars” as a perfect example of a pop culture relationship. They really stick out for so many reasons. First of all, their journey is so sweet. They have mutual respect for each other and recognize that while nobody knows what the future holds, they focus on the present.

9. April And Andy (Parks And Recreation)

April and Andy also made the list according to many Reddit users. They are the very definition of an endgame couple, one that has a physical, sexual attraction while being friends in the trueist sense. The key to their success is that they don’t pretend to be anything but themselves — goofy flaws and all — and this is what makes their relationship work.

8. Kevin And Holt (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)

There are plenty of Reddit users who regard Hold and Kevin from “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” as their favorite TV couple. They just compliment each other so well. They share the same sense of humor and fawn over their dog Cheddar. In the final season (SPOILER ALERT), they contemplate ending their relationship, but ultimately realize they are meant for each other.

7. Beth And Randall (This Is Us)

Folks love Randall and Beth from “This Is Us,” because when it comes to television relationships they really stand out from the pack. Their portrayal is so authentic. For instance, Randall struggles with anxiety, and Beth helps him deal with this. At the same time, when she was forced to close her dance studio during the pandemic, Randall was there for her.