15 Celebrity Fitness Transformations You Have To See To Believe

Wanting to get into better shape has been at the forefront of most people’s minds for quite some time. But it can be quite hard to find the motivation to do so. This can be due to lack of inspiration or energy, or because you are too distracted from everything else going on in your life. But there are some celebrities who have found a way to make some quite amazing body transformations that are definitely impressive. Some of them have done it for personal health, while others have changed to prepare for roles. What these celebs will do to commit to their fitness goals is amazing, with one celeb even going as far as becoming an acrobat. If you are lacking in motivation, check out these 15 celebrity fitness transformations you have to see to believe.

Kourtney Kardashian

One look at Kourtney’s social media is proof enough that her hard work has made a huge difference in her body. She has toned and strengthened her physique through her 45-minute workouts with exercises like jump rope, mountain climbers, and burpees.

Jennifer Garner

In preparation for her film Peppermint, Jennifer needed to get into great shape. She trained with professional trainer Simone De La Rue, which can be seen on Instagram, and her sculpted arms are proof that she got some good results.

Demi Lovato

After having gone to rehab for substance abuse and an eating disorder, Demi has done the work to rebuild herself and her body through the gym, which she calls her oasis. She uses martial arts and weight lifting, and works out six times a week.

Miranda Lambert

With her trainer Bill Crutchfield, Miranda was able to get really fit. “I think variety keeps you mentally fresh and also helps you physically respond better,” her trainer said.

Christina Aguilera

Yoga was Christina’s go to when improving her health. “Healthy is a state of mind, and it has to come from inside. It is not a situp; it’s not a calorie count—I hate that,” she said.