Female Hollywood Celebrities Share Their Makeup-Free Selfies

We are used to watching popular Hollywood stars in full glamorous mode whenever they step out, be it for a red carpet appearance or for Hollywood parties. However, there is an increasing trend of more and more stars sharing their no-makeup looks on various social media platforms – and fans are all up for it.

While showing off one’s no-makeup doesn’t seem like a big deal, it is quite liberating and encouraging to see a popular star shedding all inhibition and pressure of looking their best all the time and showing off their natural looks. From social media filters to applying makeup daily, it is quite brave of celebs to go barefaced.

Recently, we saw Adele posting a gorgeous photo of herself followed by the caption “Thirty Free” on her 33rd birthday, which suggests that she has finally accepted her natural beauty.

Then you have JLo, who keeps showing off her natural beauty, and recently shared a picture on her 52nd birthday and doesn’t seem to be aging anytime soon. Apart from posting glam photos, she also shared a few pictures of the skincare routine she follows.

That doesn’t mean the stars do not have a head start. They have access to some of the best specialists, dermatologists, and doctors in the world, apart from all the latest skin-care products and cosmetic treatments.

Regardless, celebs posting their no-makeup looks do keep reminding us that we should accept our natural beauty and things that might seem like “imperfections” are actually photo-worthy and deserve to be shared with the world.

Let’s check out the most gorgeous celeb no-makeup photos on social media.


Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow is definitely an ambassador of a healthy lifestyle as she follows what she preaches. The forty-five-year-old star continues to defy age and looks stunning in this snap.



Jennifer Lopez

JLo always seems ready to share her no-makeup looks, thanks to her gorgeous skin. She also shares photos of her skincare routine – and you cannot really complain. She looks as great as she does when she is in full glam mode.



Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore are some of the best friend pairs in the industry, and they both look stunning in this no-makeup snap after a gym session. Drew posted this on her Instagram with the caption: “#nomakeup #nofilter #oldschoolsisters #playdate #dayoff #friday #SUNSCREENALWAYS”.



Chrissy Teigen

Recently, John Legend shared this amazing no-filter, no-makeup look on Instagram of his wife and captioned: “No filter necessary”. The two are so adorable together, and we wish we could add the #relationshipgoals tag to his post.




Kesha shows off her amazing freckles in this no-makeup photo.