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These People Seriously Regretted Shopping Online

Shopping online is a great option to have as an alternative when you don’t feel like going to a brick and mortar store. Often, the selection online is much better and you can conveniently shop for goods without ever having to leave your home. The one downside is not being able to see what you’re purchasing before it arrives. More often than not, that’s not an issue. However, for these people, the final product ended up being much farther away from what they thought they were buying. These are some of the worst online shopping disasters.


You’re Kitten Me

When Halloween comes around, everyone is always scrambling to get the perfect costume. That’s why it’s a good idea to start early and order online. Unfortunately, this woman thought she was buying a soft and luxurious cat robe, but ended up looking like a cat that got stuck outside in the rain.



Men’s Tank

A lot of men like to wear tank tops during warmer months, especially when going to the gym. This guy was looking for a nice grey tank, so he ordered one online. When it arrived, he saw that it was so long, he could actually use it as a dress. Luckily he was a good sport about it and modeled it for the Internet to see.



Dino Pillowcase

A lot of kids absolutely love everything that has to do with dinosaurs, which is why there is a ton of kid’s accessories with the ancient creatures on them. One parent wanted to buy this dino pillow for his son, but what arrived instead was a plain pillowcase with a picture of the dinosaur pillow on it…needless to say, this was not what he wanted to order.



Knitted Blanket

These giant knitted blankets have become quite trendy lately. Perhaps they just look super cozy and comfortable and like a huge version of something your grandmother might have knitted for you. When this person decided to order one, they were rather dismayed when an unraveled, huge rope of yarn arrived instead of a fully assembled blanket. Maybe it was a DIY kit?



Selfie Pillow

This person decided to gift his friend with a selfie pillow, thinking that it would be a fun idea to get a photo of himself scanned onto a pillow. Little did he know that the final result would have a terrifying instead of amusing effect. This is truly the stuff of nightmares.