7 weirdest things men secretly find attractive about women (2 of 2)

When women play sports

Many men like to watch their women while exercising. The concentrated look and sweat on the skin like a magnet attract members of the opposite sex! Like it or not, men still find it very sexy. Let him watch you train, or better yet, train together.



Camouflage patterns

Military style clothing is also very attractive to men. Most of them believe that a woman in a “military uniform” is sexy, and her appearance reminds them of wildlife, hunting and exotic islands. A dress with such a pattern, high-heeled shoes and fishnet stockings are just an explosive mixture!



When a woman wears her man’s shirt

Light casualness and relaxation also attract men, especially if you wear his shirt. Try this trick and see how he reacts to it. It’s not for nothing that fashion designers have repeatedly presented women in men’s shirts on the catwalk. Admit it, it looks great on you!

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