Food Travel: Top 30 Foodie Cities In The US (and World) In 2021 (2 of 7)

Nashville, TN

Nashville is known for its country music, which has earned it the sobriquet Country Musical Capital of the United States. The city isn’t just limited to music, though, as you can enjoy some of the most amazing meals in the country here. From lip-smacking BBQ to south-inspired hot chicken, the city has it all.

Avoid the downtown area that has nothing but bourbon to offer and instead head over to East Nashville, which has some amazing local coffee roasters and charming bistros dotting along its serene streets.



Denver, CO

Denver has so much to offer to travelers that you cannot afford to miss out on visiting this city.

The mile-high city offers a great food scene that features elegant French foods, Sichuan noodle recipes, and classic cocktails.

The main train terminal of the city, Union Station, has turned into a food lovers paradise after its recent renovation. You can enjoy a read at the popular Tattered Cover Bookstore and then stroll down the street to enjoy some delicious wolf bone marrow brûlée. You can also head over to the River North district that has some of the finest coffee roasters, breweries, and some stunning street murals to please your eyes.



Seattle, WA

Surrounded by the breathtaking Mt. Rainier, Seattle is easily one of the best west coast cities to enjoy good food. From wild-caught seafood to the original Starbucks café, Seattle has plenty to offer to hungry travelers.

Head down to the Pike Place Market which overlooks the spectacular Elliot Bay to relish some of the most amazing foods on offer in Seattle. You can also watch the ruby-red wild salmon being carved up by fishmongers. Or, visit Top Pot Doughnuts for a lip-smacking treat. You can also opt for a Seattle food tour to enjoy the best dishes the city has to offer.



Chicago, IL

Chicago is a food lover’s paradise, and it can be whatever you wish it to be – from Ukrainian deli varenyki to a late-night Wrigley Stadium. The city is home to immigrant communities who have brought with them the flavors of their native places, making Chicago a great foodie city.

You should visit the Pilsen district in Chicago where you can enjoy Mexican street tacos or relish some steamed tamales. If you go to the Vietnamese enclave uptown, you will get to experience some of the finest crusty Bahn mi or slurp some pho. If you are a big fan of Chicago pizza, enjoy a cheesy paradise at Gino’s East.

You can also find a ton of food guides to help you explore the city’s food scene better.



Milwaukee, WI

A place where the old meets the new, Milwaukee is a city that has everything for everyone’s taste. From traditional German Brauhaus fare to farm-to-eat foods, you can find everything on the same street.

The city hosts a lot of east European and German immigrants who now serve some of the finest hand-breaded schnitzel and beers you will ever find. If you want a great view, head over to the café located in the Milwaukee Museum of Art and enjoy some wine.

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