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6 Quick Sweet And Savory Party Snack Recipes For Your Next Get-Together

The pandemic didn’t give us a whole lot of opportunities for get-togethers or parties. Now that we are slowly going back to normal times, we can afford to host friends and family for a nice little gathering at the weekends. And before you pick a date for the gathering, you should make a list of party snacks you are going to prepare. After all, it is the nice food that gets everyone talking. Of course, the music, theme, décor, and location matter, but there is no substitute for good food.

To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of the best party snack ideas that your guests will definitely enjoy savoring.



If you are fond of snacks that are light and fluffy with a buttery texture, do consider adding madeleines to the list of snacks for your get-together. These shell-shaped cakes are spongy and make for a good party snack, says Kim-Joy, who is the author of the book Baking with Kim-Joy.

You can go for Kim-Joy’s take on the recipe, which is inspired by the panda. She recommends adding foods with a cute face as they tend to make everyone happy. You can find the recipe here.




Scones have been one of the most loved party snacks for a long time, and you cannot go wrong with adding them to the list of snacks for a garden picnic. Kim-Joy recommends decorating the scones with frogs! You can use any scone recipe, and cover the top in green and add dough balls as eyes. The edible stick-on eyeballs give the recipe a finishing touch. You can make them as a sweet snack or as a savory add-in. The best part about basic scones is that you do not need any fancy ingredients to make them. All you need is some flour, sugar, salt, milk, butter, and a pinch of baking powder. You can check out the complete recipe here.



Crunchy Cauliflower Bites

Jessica Hylton Leckie, a home chef from Jessica in the Kitchen recommends adding snacks made from cauliflower, as it is one of the most versatile ingredients one could ever have on their hands. You can blend it to make a creamy dip, or use it as a base for pizza, or cook some bite-size nuggets – the options are endless.

Her favorite? She recommends cauliflower bites for every party, as they are amazing finger food. You can check out her recipe here.