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This Is What Your Favorite Hollywood Actors Looked Like In Their Very First Movies!


Firsts always mean the most. Be it your first day in school, college, work, or starting out your own venture. The mixed feelings of nervousness, euphoria, and uncertainty make them extremely special and memorable. Moreover, the same emotions must be even more heightened when your performance is going to be watched and judged by people all around the globe.

Making a name in Hollywood is a track full of obstructions. It takes immense dedication and exceptional skills to stay in sight. There are many celebrities who were completely unknown when they started out pursuing their dream but have made it to the top. Wouldn’t it be great to look back on their first roles to honor their remarkable journey and get some inspiration? Check out how these 50 celebs began their acting career.


Taraji Henson – ‘Streetwise’ (1998)

Henson debuted with the 1998 flick Streetwise. Set in Washington DC, it was a crime thriller and revolved around the lives of some drug dealers.



Zendaya – ‘Frenemies’ (2012)

Zendaya was one of the two lead actresses in Frenemies, the other being Bella Thorne. In the movie, she plays the character of a magazine editor who is always in a duel with her bestie, played by Bella.



Chris Hemsworth – ‘Star Trek’ (2009)

Doesn’t it look like Chris hasn’t aged at all? After gaining years of experience in television, he set foot in the film line with the role of George Kirk in Star Trek.



Dakota Fanning – ‘Tomcats’ (2001)

Although a very small role, Dakota played the little girl’s character to a T proving that she was born to be an actor. Doesn’t she look just adorable?



Chris Pine – ‘The Royal Diaries 2: Royal Engagement’ (2004)

We haven’t quite gotten over him since the release of Wonder Woman in 2017. Chris’s first movie was The Royal Diaries 2: Royal Engagement where he was in the role of Nicolas Devereaux.



Eva Longoria – ‘The Dead Will Tell’ (2004)

Eva chose quite a challenging role for her debut movie. In The Dead Will Tell, she portrays a woman who is haunted by someone who has been murdered by her fiancé.



Anne Hathaway – ‘The Princess Diaries’ (2001)

Anne won the hearts of many with her breathtaking beauty in The Princess Diaries. She was the apt fit for the character of Mia Thermopolis, a teenage girl who suddenly learns of her royal roots.



Selena Gomez – ‘Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over’ (2003)

It’s a commonly known fact that Selena has been acting from a very young age. Her first movie was released when she was just 11.



Saoirse Ronan – ‘I Could Never Be Your Woman’ (2007)

Saoirse’s dream of acting in movies came true when she was cast in, I Could Never Be Your Woman. She performed opposite Michelle Pfeiffer as well as Paul Rudd in the film. Since then, Ronan has never looked back and has so far received three Oscars.



Cara Delevingne – ‘Anna Karenina’ (2012)

Cara was already a renowned model when she made her debut on the silver screen. The movie was an adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s novel of the same name. Cara was cast for the role of Princess Sorokina.