Photoshop community ‘fixing’ celebrities’ faces on Instagram – yay or nay? (2 of 4)

The owner of @fixedyou (who requested to stay anonymous) believes that our appearance is the one thing that defines us the most. She adds that while we may or may not accept this, deep down we all tend to be curious about how we would look if we were ‘perfect’. The whole idea of perfection is in fact deeply associated with the beauty culture, which keeps reflecting on the society through tons of ads, celeb ‘glow-ups’, and tabloid spreads.

Even if we keep marketing aside for a moment, the value we give to beauty is very well documented – such as the taller men or the thinner women earning higher compared to others. It is definitely tiring, but it is quite an intoxicating idea that being more beautiful in the conventional sense means more wealth, happiness, and partnership.


Obviously, we know for a fact that it is untrue however when @fixedyou says that she never likes the way she looks and she probably won’t ever, it certainly does make that idea a lot more powerful. And the fix here, or as @fixedyou handle implies, is to go for cosmetic surgery. And @fixedyou is supposed to only target the cosmetic surgery community, which is also known as the ‘Sx’ community – a group of private accounts that are handled by “dolls” (patients of cosmetic surgery) who go on and compile their journeys, mood boards, and share the best practices to other ‘Sx’ members. The founder explains that the idea behind this group is to advocate novel methods of improving how we look. The group also aims to educate users on how a certain cosmetic surgery would look on a specific face type, so that they can make an informed decision.

To accomplish this, popular celebs’ faces are used, which can be used as alternatives for their own – making them the avatars for the retoucher to get rid of their own diffidence. In a way, it shows our crazy relationship with a popular figure, a sort of entitlement over their looks.

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