5 Eye Makeup Trends That You Should Absolutely Try In 2021

While there is nothing wrong with wearing the same look over and over again, there are times when you want to mix things up. If you’re the type that’s keeping up with trends, you probably have a saved folder of all kinds of Instagram filled shots and eye inspirations.

All for the day when you randomly decide to throw on some diamond studs and a colorful liner.

The issue with that sort of tactic though is that those kinds of spur-of-the-moment times probably won’t happen. One doesn’t simply get into the mood to do epic eye makeup art out of nowhere.

Instead of waiting for that special moment, it’s way better to be experimental with it right now.

Get into the mindset of being creative, having fun, and expressing yourself however you feel like.

In order to set you up for that, we’ve put together some of the most recent eye makeup trends for you to try out. These are spectacular and so inspiring that you’ll want to try these out right now.


Cloud Liner Eye Art

The baby blue and black liner combo is a great look for those early morning meetings that your boss insists on you attending. The only thing to keep in mind beyond the art is to fluff up your brows with some tinted gel so there is some structure to it.



Flowery Lids

Sheer pink shadow along with mini dried flowers make you look like you’re the kind of person who spends their weekends in the flowers. Definitely not the kind of person who spends their weekend watching Netflix all day in sweats.