15 Botched Beauty Surgeries That Make You Question People’s Sanity

As beauty standards and industry continue to evolve and change at rapid speed in a matter of months at this point, the plastic surgery industry continues to thrive and spiral down the rabbit hole further and further with each new crazy unrealistic beauty trend entering the spotlight. We’ve all heard and seen them before – bigger butts, plump lips, larger breasts – you name it.

Yet, often times, even those need photoshop or makeup to look actually decent (say, the Kardashian family with their scandalous photos and huge butts). But how often have you seen truly botched beauty surgeries in their true light?

In this list, we’ve compiled some of the worst picks for you – some of them so bad, you’d want to question people’s sanity… and perhaps eyesight. Let’s get to it –


The Worst Kind Of Boob Job You Could Get

Real question though – was this worth it at all at this point?



Speaking of the Kardashians…

The trait the whole family shares – common love for insane amount of butt botox injections. At this point you can hardly even tell the difference between them all.



Why would you massacre your face like that?

Apparently yet another social media “influencer” that fell victim to the beauty surgery obsession.