The Worst Photoshopped Celeb Shots That Set The Most Unrealistic Standards Of Beauty (2 of 8)

Justin Bieber

It’s not just women who are shopped extensively. Even men face the same treatment. In this case, they shopped Justin to be more endowed.




Beyoncé is getting older and everyone knew at once this was extensively shopped. It was retouched by a complete beginner after all.




With many celebrities, sometimes all the editing that’s needed is some good lighting. As you can tell from some of them, their natural beauty is great already.



Penelope Cruz

Being wrinkle-free is a huge part of the photoshopped results and it doesn’t make much sense as these celebrities are getting older. In the case of Penelope Cruz, it was totally unnecessary, since the wrinkles are minor and there’s not a lot of them.



Katy Perry

Like so many on here, the skinnier legs here aren’t all that necessary. It makes her look more like a stick figure than someone with great natural beauty.