14 Gifts That Can Actually Turn Your Valentine’s Day Into A Disaster

With Valentine’s day just around the corner, getting a perfect gift for your special one might be a tough call. The stores, both online and those around you, are brimming with ideas, and yet, making the apt pick can be tricky. It’s a day of celebrating your love and togetherness and you don’t want a bad decision to disappoint your love.

While each person’s preferences differ widely, there are a few things that get a thumbs down almost all the time. To ensure you don’t spoil the special day with any of such gifts, we have put down here a list of all the items that you must steer clear of. We have taken the help of a study conducted by OnePoll, on behalf of Angara. It was conducted among 2000 Americans to find out what Valentine’s gifts they find the most boring. Read ahead and get to know what went wrong last Valentine’s and do not repeat the mistakes.


Fancy dinner

Percentage of respondents who gave it a thumbs down: 10 percent

You can take her to her favorite restaurant for her birthday or when she makes a professional accomplishment. But for Valentine’s, that would be a little too little. Maybe a dinner cooked by you in a romantic setup would still be a better idea.



Massage ticket

Percentage of respondents who gave it a thumbs down: 14 percent

It may be relaxing and rejuvenating, but your partner is surely expecting more than that. They certainly go for their regular spa appointments and doing the same for Valentine’s would just feel like another day.



A nice serenade

Percentage of respondents who gave it a thumbs down: 14 percent

While it does look charming in movies, truth be told, it’s not that great in reality. Now, don’t completely forget that piece you have prepared for them. Just make sure that’s not all they are treated with for Valentine’s.