Best Fashion Inspirations From 2021’s Spring/Summer Fashion Week That You Cannot Miss

2020 was a quiet year for most industries, and the fashion industry was no different. 2021 is upon us, though, and we expect this year to present some stylish and bold fashion trends. From in-charge large blazers, sleek looking face masks to bold blue bags, there has been a lot that’s been on display in recent fashion events over the course of the first few days of this year.

Some of the most promising style trends from previous decades have made it to this year’s fashion shows, and we are really excited to see how this year moves ahead in terms of more fashion ideas. We are already in love with what we have seen so far in Milan and Paris, and you can guess why. So, without further ado, let’s check out the top fashion inspirations spotted at the SS21 Fashion Weeks.



Taking cues from the 1950s and the early 60s, the sleek headscarves are definitely coming back in style this year. Headscarves not only keep your hair safe, but also add a kind of final touch that makes your outfit just right, without feeling overdone. You can pick a silky design that has some intricate designs or floral patterns to go with, or you can opt for simpler designs having bold colors. To style the headscarf, you can also try wrapping it under your chin, or let it hang at the back – just try and mix and match things up and let it hang from your bag. This is the year where you can channel the classic Grace Kelly without feeling stuck in the past.



Sorbet pastel tones

Another fashion trend that continues to inspire fashionistas around the world are the pastel tones.

The sorbet-inspired pastel tones are totally the best bet for summers and the best part about them is that they match every skin color and tone. You can go for a boiler suit in a mint green color, or a large trench coat in lavender – or even better, you can try them both at the same time! Suits in those buttery hues are good at elevating your looks and will remain to be one of the best fashion choices in the times to come.



Yellow and Camel Color Styling

The trend that picked up in the early 70s is still going strong – the yellow and camel color styling. You can mix and match these gorgeous colors to add some sort of dimension to your clothing choices, no matter which look you prefer to pair them with. You can try a light brown suit or an oversized coat with a sleek t-shirt or flare pants in camel colors. While it looks subtle, it is definitely going to be one of the major fashion trends this year. Do try it out!