Flashy Costumes Celebrities Sported On Halloween 2020

With a pandemic surging through the world at the moment, many people presumed that Halloween was cancelled. In fact, with everyone forced to stay at home, many people believed a lot of the holidays would be forced to happen indoors.

While that is certainly the case, there have been many who have gotten into the spirit regardless and decided to wear costumes anyway for this occasion. These didn’t care so much about the quarantine and wanted to spread some spooky vibes the same way, as they have in the previous years. These fun designs and looks not only lifted up the spirits of many, but they are so stylish and flashy they can certainly inspire us all for some new costume ideas for the future.

All of these flashy and stylish costumes that we found are a reminder that Halloween is still very much a thing despite the current circumstances. Not only that, but it also teaches us that you don’t always need to have a super intricate design to make an appealing costume. Below, we’ve picked out some incredible celebrity Halloween designs and looks that you simply have to see for yourself. Here is the list below:


Gigi Hadid, Zayn Malik and their child

Gigi went for the Zero Suit Samus look, Zyan was a wizard from Slytherin house, and their child was the Hulk.



Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez dressed as Madonna this Halloween.



Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X got really inspired by pop star Nicki Minaj. He coined the outfit as Nas Maraj.




For a more simplistic look, you can take an inspiration from Lizzo who decided to become that fly from the vice presidential debate. You can tell by the fact she’s sporting a “Vote” bra.