21 Fashion Trends That We’ve Seen Return In 2020 (2 of 5)

Sheer or Glitter Tights

Another look that was inspired from Kylie Jenner are the sheer or glitter tights. She went with slightly sheer tights and accentuated them with a long leather dress and strappy pumps. If the pumps aren’t for you, you can always slip on some boots.



Tattoo Print Tops

Barbie Ferreira brought these back by doubling up on the layers of these tops. That allowed for contrast prints, which worked well with some edgy jewellery she had on.



Cropped Mocknecks

Sofia Richie set this trend by putting on an all black look. This allowed her midriff to break up the look. This also looks great with matching co-ord pants. Jeans also work as a suitable alternative.



Audrey Hepburn Looks

If you really want to go back, one look you can try out is the Audrey Hepburn look.

This was popular in the ‘60s and has been revived by Kaia Gerber. She took a shot that brought this trend back, thanks in part to the hairstyle she sported. While the hairstyle is nice, it’s not entirely needed for you to pull this look off completely. All you really need to nail is the ladylike tailored separates and the delicate jewelry to complete this look.