15 Fashion Essentials That Perfectly Fit A Winter Lifestyle

With winter just around the corner, there are many winter trends that are hitting the runway and being incorporated right now in preparation for the cold season. But rather than sticking with those particular trends, we’ve decided to do some reinterpreting of them for the lifestyle that we and many others are adjusting to.

In short, the outfits – or rather the essentials – for winter will have a cozier vibe to them, unlike in the previous years. These essentials that we’ll be recommending to you are also not too high-fashion or unwearable either, so we’re confident that you’ll enjoy them.

Beyond recommending these essentials, we’ll be offering some simple advice on how you can be wearing these over the course of the day.


Feather PJ Pants

Comfortable to wear around the house, nice and warm when you are outside, it’s hard to argue against these pants. While you’re inside, you can sport these with your pyjama set. While outside, dress them up with heels and a long coat.



Soft Blazer

Blazers work any time of the year, but during colder months you’ll want them to be a bit warmer. Soft blazers really shine in that regard and so we consider them as an essential, especially when you add extra layer underneath. Beyond that, a simple blazer adds a professional vibe, making it great for when you’re doing video calls.



Chain Link Necklace

Accessories always enhance your overall look, but you want them to be subtle. One accessory that people will notice, but not find gaudy is the chain link necklace. This works well in meetings or with any other casual outfit. When going out dining, clip it around a turtleneck or any other piece of casual clothing.



Sweater Dress

Another way to stay warm during these colder times is wearing a sweater dress. This easily passes as something you can wear around the house or outside with the right adjustments. While inside, you can pull it off with some cozy socks. Outside, aim for a more colorful sweater dress. Mixed prints also work as well.