31 Female Fitness Instagrammers Everyone Should Go Follow Right Now

“Fitspo” was a huge rage back in 2015 that has gone into oblivion now. While the posts did have a lot of content that was inspirational, the messaging and images that went along with it were toxic, to say the least, making Instagram users feel like their body was a “before” photo that required sculpting.

Thankfully, we’ve moved away from that phase. Pushing yourself to do your best when you can and taking care of your body while you can’t seem to be the mantra now.

If you are someone who is looking for fresh fitness strategies, new exercises, or professional advice, following these 31 female fitness stars on Instagram should be the first step.


Brittne Babe, @brittnebabefitness

Let’s be honest – most people don’t like the idea of going to a gym. But what if you could work out in your kitchen? Meet Brittne Babe, who has tons of videos on full-body exercises you can carry out in your kitchen!



Linn Lowes, @linnlowes

Linn Lowes, a certified trainer from Sweden has a ton of content that can help you stay fit.

She focuses mainly on strength training techniques. She occasionally posts cute pictures with her husband and dogs as well!



Katie Crewe, @katiecrewe

Lifting weights isn’t as easy as it seems. There’s a lot of technique involved and results depend on how closely you follow the right postures. Luckily, Katie Crewe’s Instagram handle has it all. From beginners to pros, everybody can learn something from her helpful advice.

She also posts healthy recipes.



Kelsey Wells, @kelseywells

Have you ever walked into a gym and wondered what some of the machines are meant for?

Well, you are not alone. And to help you understand what each machine is meant for, Kelsey Wells has a ton of videos on her Instagram handle. From leg press machines to cable equipment, she has a short demo for each machine out there in the gym.



Phyllicia, @yogi_goddess

If you’re into yoga, Phyllicia’s Instagram handle has all sorts of videos for you to get inspired.

From inspiring handstands to acro yoga poses, she’s posted it all. Also, you can occasionally spot her fluffy cat doing yoga with her. It isn’t a drill!