25 Celebrities With A Shocking Criminal Past You Never Knew About (2 of 5)

Christian Slater

A popular actor, Christian Slater ended up being charged for multiple criminal offenses that spanned a period of eight years. It all started in 1989 when he was booked for drunk driving, for which he served a ten-year jail term.

After five years, he was again arrested for trying to carry firearms while boarding a commercial airplane. Later in 1997, he was sentenced to three months in prison for hitting a police officer and his girlfriend.

However, this turned out to be the last of his episodes as he went on to lead a normal and healthy life after spending another hundred days in rehab.



Woody Harrelson

Woody Harrelson has played a number of comedic roles, and his real-life has been quite similar to that as well – at least his arrests seem to suggest so. Woody was first arrested back in 1982 when he tried to dance in the middle of a road – that too in the middle of the day and on a busy road. 30 years later, he took the London police on a crazy taxi chase that seemed like straight out of a movie. When he saw no way out, he even tried to escape on foot!



Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant is one of the most popular actors worldwide. He played those charming handsome leads in romantic flicks and earned millions of fans worldwide. Well, that is part of the major reason why almost everyone was shocked to the core when he was busted with a Los Angeles sex worker.

Hugh Grant later tried to explain himself by saying he did it in a moment of craziness. Thankfully for him, his career didn’t suffer much as he went on to star in major flicks such as Two Weeks Notice, Bridget Jones’s Diary, and Paddington 2.



Larry King

No matter how hard they try, it is next to impossible for a celeb to forget their criminal past – even when the events occurred decades ago. Famous American radio host Larry King is a prime example of such a scenario, as his criminal records from way back in 1967 has now come up after Louis E. Wolfson’s biography was released.

The book discusses in detail how Larry King was booked for grand larceny. Later, King pleaded no contest, but by then, his reputation was already damaged and he was relieved of his job at the WTVY radio station.



Nicholas Cage

Nicholas Cage is probably the only celebrity in the world who attracts more media attention due to his regular antics than for his movies. For instance, Cage was caught up in a huge comic book heist that took place in 1997. Apparently, comic book thieves stole Cage’s copy of the comic Action Comics #1 along with some other rare collectibles from his home.

In 2019, the actor tried his level best to get his marriage annulled by giving a vague reason like he was apparently too drunk to know that he was getting married in the first place!

Nicholas Cage also has a long history dealing with alcoholism. In fact, he has been booked for DUIs twice over the last decade.