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12 Foods You Can Use That Will Actually Clean Your House

Cleaning is all about preference and how individual people feel about cleanliness. There are so many different options and choices to incorporate into a cleaning schedule and plan. Some people use traditional methods passed down through generations, while other people are more drawn to current hacks and tricks. The thing that has become a growing concern about using the tried and true products and tactics for cleaning is the hazardous materials. Traditional cleaning supplies contain what we are learning to be very dangerous chemicals that can cause serious harm to the body. These ingredients can be very harsh to our health and our homes, and even have an impact on the environment. Because of this, there are a lot more health-conscious brands on the shelves to choose from. But that can get pretty costly. But did you know you could actually use common foods to clean your house? If you are ready to save some money during your next deep clean, check out these 12 foods you can use that will actually clean your house.

Walnuts for your wood

The internet was on fire when a mom on Facebook showed her method of cleaning wood with walnuts. Her husband scratched up their wooden floor while moving a fridge, so she actually easily removed the unsightly scratches with walnuts.

Table salt as a catch all

Cleaning expert Melissa Maker is a big fan of salt to basically clean almost everything, and it is super eco-friendly. Mixing table salt with baking soda can clean the sink, and a little sprinkle with half a lemon can clean a cutting board. You can also use it to clean spills from fabric or carpet, clean a castiron skillet, and even boost your laundry game.

Mayo as a floor cleaner

This may be strange, but mayonnaise is a great sandwich spread and removes scuffs and scratches from wood by letting it sit overnight. It can also remove pesky adhesive from stickers and labels.

Rice water for kitchen cleaning

Rice water can actually clean surfaces, according to health expert Sabrina Wange. “This is something that many people in China still do to this day,” she said. “Rice is so common there, so instead of wasting the water we use to wash rice, we collect it.”