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These Moms Turn Boring Food Into Real Edible Art

If you are a mom or parent, then you know that taking care of your children is almost a full-time job. With all of the many responsibilities that parenthood includes, making sure kids are well-fed is at the top of the list. Now, many parents are doing well to make a good box or sack lunch for their kids to take to school. It may consist of a sandwich, a few side items, and a snack; maybe even a juice cart or piece of candy. But some parents take school lunch prep to another level totally. These moms turn making lunch into an art form, and make lunches for their kids that are almost too beautiful to eat. Check out these amazing moms who turn boring food into real edible art.

Etoni Mama

Etoni Mama is a Japanese mother of three who lives in Tokyo. She takes simple ingredients like rice, hot dogs and eggs and creates beautiful food art. She does not have any prior culinary training or education, but you wouldn’t know that by all of the creative foods she makes for her kids. She has made elaborate dinosaur snacks and Star Wars characters out of cantaloupe. Her fried egg dish features a cute and very realistic Winnie the Pooh. Her food art is so popular that she has over 150,000 followers on Instagram, where she posts all of her beautiful creations.

Samantha Lee

Another creative mom is from Malaysia and makes themed bento lunches. She makes these creative lunches to encourage her kids to eat healthier, and it seems to be doing the trick. But not only is it helping her kids eat better, but her amazing lunches have turned her into an internet star. She started her food art journey in 2008, and has since amassed almost 600,000 followers on Instagram. Some of her bento boxes have themes like Princess Merida from the Disney/Pixar’s movie Brave, Elvis Presley, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and much more.

Li Ming

Another creative food art mom is known for something she calls Bento Monsters. These are the boxed lunches that she makes for her two sons. These lunches are also called charabens or kyaraben. She said she started out making these creative lunches to help her son get adjusted to being away from her during school. “ I started making charabens when my older son went to primary school in 2011. He missed me terribly then and had problems adjusting to the longer hours at primary school. I started packing him charabens, hoping to cheer him up and let him feel my presence and love through them,” she said. She likes to create interesting characters like pigs, the Mario Brothers, and Spiderman. Ming said that she can’t even choose which design is the one she likes the best. “It’s difficult to say which ones are my favorite because I like all of them for different reasons. Ideas come from everywhere,” she said.