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10 Foods People Put In The Fridge That Shouldn’t Ever Go There

Making food is one of the most satisfying things on Earth, and it’s usually something that starts with swinging open the trusty ol’ fridge. We grab our ingredients, start cutting away and throw everything in the pan. But did you know that most of our cooking already starts with some huge mistakes being made? That’s right – we shouldn’t be finding everything in our fridge.

Some foods simply aren’t supposed to go there, for various reasons. Cold just isn’t an ideal temperature for everything, and we’re about to give you a few examples of foods that shouldn’t ever go in your fridge.


Yes, I know apples stay good longer when you keep them in a fridge, but apples also release a natural gas which makes your other fruits ripen too fast. It’s a much better idea to keep them out of the fridge. So they won’t ruin your other fruit, and their enzymes can really make the flavor of the apples pop more. Just don’t wait weeks to eat them.


This isn’t an “it’s better to keep them out of the fridge” thing, but it’s actually an “it doesn’t matter so why bother” thing. Eggs don’t go bad any faster when kept outside of the fridge, nor does it impact their taste. Fridge space is often a very limited thing, so eggs are one of the first things to go when you need to make every square inch count.


It kind of goes without saying, but it’s much better to keep basil in a pot so it can regrow indefinitely. There’s no reason for anyone to ever pay for basil again since the plant is virtually indestructible and as long as you don’t keep it in your fridge, you should be getting more new leaves than you can ever hope to use. Unless you have a wicked pesto addiction, but that’s a different problem altogether.

Bell Peppers

If you like your bell peppers to be crunchy, it’s probably a good idea to keep them out of the fridge. Low-temperature environments tend to affect the crunchiness of the outer shell, although it won’t really impact the flavor. But hey, the texture is pretty important too!