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Top 21 Food Trends Of 2021

Predicting cooking and dining trends is quite a mammoth task, and predicting 2021 food trends isn’t any different. However, after a turbulent 2020, a lot of people have finally turned to cook as a means of wellbeing, comfort, and community.

The 2021 food trends showcase a growing awareness among people toward better health for ourselves and the planet. From ingredients used to cooking styles, expect many of these trends to become an integral part of cooking even beyond this year.

So, which one of these will you like to try first? Let’s check out the list below.


Top Lifestyle Food Trends of 2021

Fusion Cuisine

One of the best things to come out of the internet age is that we finally have access to traditional recipes from all across the globe, and cross-cultural recipes will be a major trend this year. While fusion dinging has been around for a while, it was never so creative and innovative.

Fusion Cuisines like Chinese-Peruvian and Mexican-Korean are taking the center stage, and the options are just limitless.



Low-Waste Foods

People are finally taking note of how their food habits affect climate change, with more and more people opting for climate-friendly food decisions. One such decision is the emergence of a zero-waste food trend this year.

By opting for low-waste foods, people can drastically cut down on needless packaging such as plastic that ends up polluting the environment. Similarly, food scraps like carrot tops, broccoli stems, and potato peels are now being repurposed instead of being dumped in the bin. There are other similar ways you can adopt to cut down on generating kitchen waste and help the environment in a big way.



Elevated Desserts

With more and more people opting for healthy food options this year, desserts are still not out of vogue. In fact, people are coming up with new trends and innovations and presenting dessert as more of an art form. This is seen as a food item on the menu that can allow one to show off their creativity, especially by using plant-based foods and ingredients.



Carb Alternatives

While it is the keto diet that brought a low-carb diet in a major way, it wouldn’t be the only one when it comes to food trends of 2021. Carb alternative foods are on the rise, and with things like cauliflower being used as a pizza crust, sticking to a low-carb diet hasn’t been easier.

With more and more carb alternatives replacing the flour and rice-based recipes, you can eat your favorite foods to your heart’s content!



Home-Baked Bread

Home-baked bread was another popular trend last year, as more and more people tried their hand at baking bread when they felt bored at home. Now that we are back to normal, people want to continue with the trend, as they’ve realized how healthy and flavorful it is to have fresh homemade bread. Plus, many studies have confirmed that baking your own bread improves mental wellbeing and boosts creativity and happiness. From hearty eye to sourdough to classic white bread, homemade bread is going to be a major trend of 2021.