12 Steps That You Absolutely Need to Follow to Land Your Dream Job (2 of 3)

Know when to apply

Finding out the right time to apply can be tricky. Some recruiters claim that the holiday season (the whole of October, November. December, and mid-January) are the hardest months as a lot of applications come in.

Similarly, summer months are hard too, due to vacations. You can directly ask the recruiter when will be the right time to apply or apply anytime apart from the above mentioned months.

Get your timing right!



Realism over Idealism

You have to be realistic while weighing your options when you’re figuring out what to do. Let’s be honest, sometimes your ideal job cannot pay you enough to help you cover your bills.

While you’re considering the profession you’d like to take up, you need to make sure that its pay matches the lifestyle you’re accustomed to.

Some aspire to become a journalist, but we all know how much writers are paid – so if you’re unwilling to wait for quite a long time to become an accomplished journalist to earn you enough bucks to help you lead the life you’ve always wanted to, you need to reconsider.

In an ideal world, you’ll probably have an ideal job paying you an ideal amount of money, helping you lead the ideal lifestyle. Reality often comes with its dark side.



Keep an open mind

Maintaining an open-minded nature and being open to new ideas is important. Sometimes, the interviews that you’re least interested in can turn out to be your big break.

Life’s uncertain, and you never know when you might be hit with an opportunity. The important thing to do here grab it as it comes.

Especially in your beginning stage, you must explore each every chance that comes your way. Whatever you learn from it will always be invaluable.



Be well prepared

If you show up in an interview with little to no research done about the company, chances are that it can turn your recruiters off. They might think you’re not zealous enough, and hence not consider you for the opening altogether.

And this rule applies to any job.

A famous scene from Gilmore Girls was when Rory Gilmore was pursued by a newspaper company, pleading her to work for them. When she arrives for the interview, the recruiter asks her, “How do you plan to grow and market our company with your writings?”, to which Rory replied, “I’m sorry, I did not know that I had to come with a pitch prepared.”

And yes, as obvious, she did not land the job.

So even if you feel you’ve almost bagged the job and the recruiters are dying to have you working for them, do your homework. The best part about situations in life is their uncertainty, but it’s the worst part as well.

Be prepared to answer any question that they might shoot at you.

Also, if you don’t know the answer to a particular question, just be blunt about it and own up that you don’t have enough knowledge about it. Either your employer will enlighten you on the topic that will be helpful in the future, or you’ll successfully come off as an honest, straightforward person who isn’t ashamed to admit that they don’t know it all.

Either way, a win-win situation.