10 Simple Ways Women Can Save a Fortune Every Single Month (2 of 3)

Always spend less than what you’re capable of spending

Living below your means is a golden rule, and if put to practice, it can turn your life around. It’s quite natural to increase your expenses when you get a raise in your salary or be tempted to spend more than what’s needed.

You never know when an emergency might crop up – accidental injuries, vet bills, fixing your toilet, and whatnot. It’s always better to stay prepared to handle those expenses than to go broke or borrow money from people.

Always spend less than what you earn, even if you have a chunk load of bucks in your savings and feel you don’t need to. Prevention is always better than cure; you’ll thank yourself later.



Put yourself first

When the air hostess advises you to fix your oxygen mask before trying to fix someone else’s, there’s a life lesson hidden in there that you must follow at all times. You must always put yourself first — and in this case, it’s your savings.

It’s alright to feel anxious and become a bundle of nerves each time those monthly bills come in. But hey, instead of trying to pay them off first, try to take out some from your monthly salary and deposit it into your savings/emergency account instead.

Your monthly bills can wait (not for long, though), it’s not necessary to pay the first thing in the month. Get habituated to the whole process of always funneling an amount to your savings from your salary before paying off your monthly expenses.

“Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving.” – Warren Buffett

And remember, consistency is key.



Don’t forget to treat yourself!

It’s okay to always be on your saving-spree – but hey, don’t completely miss out on the good things of life (which cost a bit of money, of course) just because you’re saving for later.

It’s alright if you want to buy that ring from Tiffany or give in to those overpriced pastries once in a while from the cafe near your place which you were avoiding. If you let yourself splurge a bit every week, a meager amount that would not affect your savings, then you’re good to go.

You can always go out with your girlfriends once a week for a movie or just to hangout. Don’t lose out on social connections and friends just because you’re saving money. Learning to balance both is what will take you far in life.

In this way, you won’t feel restrained or frustrated about not being able to spend. Treat yourself from time to time, you deserve that for trying to save so much without whining.