Top 24 Remote Job Boards To Check Out (2 of 2)

Tech-Related Remote Work

Tech jobs are everywhere to the point that all of the sites on this list offer tech jobs at some capacity. That said, these specific sites are niche focus to providing openings in the tech sector.

  • Authentic Jobs is the first on the list and considers itself as the leading job board for tech. It’s been around since 2005 and has been used by well-known tech brands like Apple, Facebook, Tesla, and even The New York Times. Even though the focus is around tech jobs the most, there is still some focus on remote work. You’ll just need to type remote into the location filter.
  • Dice is another connector of companies to tech professionals. You’re able to drill down into specifics to find jobs that fit your own needs. It even offers opportunities for you to upload your resume, access salary info and track jobs.
  • AngelList is the place for tech jobs pertaining to the startup sector. This one is another popular site that employers like Postmates, Uber, Facebook, and Stripe use.
  • GitHub Jobs is a branch of GitHub, the tech site. As the name suggests this one offers jobs that focus on it’s core branding – web development jobs.
  • Stack Overflow is another go-to for web-developers. The nice thing about this site is that the company ensures those who sign up won’t receive recruiter spam or see fake job listings on the site.
  • is for all the freelance developers out there. Every client is vetted before being able to use the platform and the site ensures that the freelancer and the client are able to create long-term communication.
  • Landing Jobs is the EuropeRemotely of tech-related remote work. It offers jobs around in Europe and it focuses on tech jobs. Similar to what we’ve said above, this is great for Europeans or people who like to work in those specific time zones.
  • Dribbble is a platform that allows freelance graphic designers to showcase their portfolios and look for work. Whether you’re an illustrator, UX designer, product or web designer, there are opportunities out there for you.
  • Power To Fly focuses around helping women get into the tech industry. Each freelancer will have to go through a vetting process as well.



Freelance And Contract Remote Job Boards

If you’re looking for full-time work, you are better off looking at the other sites listed above.

However if you’re looking for work that can fill in the gap, you’ll find no shortage with these sites.

  • Upwork is another big player in the freelance world and is a hub for many large companies to hire freelancers. The site offers positions covering a whole host of categories making it a nice fit for just about anyone. All you have to do is make a profile, fill it out and then start applying.
  • Fiverr is a downscale of Upwork, but we wouldn’t call Upwork superior. Fiverr simply is very niche. If you’re looking for really quick gigs – jobs that you can finish in under an hour and are happy with lower pay then this is your spot.
  • is the last on our list and is a powerhouse of a site. Connecting over 44 million employers and freelancers from across the world, it’s another good spot to consider. The catch is you’ll need to sign up in order to contact employers.