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Best 25 Jobs To Earn Extra Money Fast (2 of 5)

Do babysitting

Whether you’re a broke college student or a bored retired person, you can easily earn some cash and pass your free time by babysitting other people’s kids. Word-of-mouth recommendations could land you some babysitting gigs in some time. For additional reach, you could sign up on Sittercity or You could also list additional skills like CPR or practice with specially-abled children.

Setup: Quick. Signing up on Sittercity or would take only a few minutes.

Payment: Quick. The parents would usually pay you as soon as your service is completed.

Prerequisites: You’d need to fulfill the minimum age criteria on Sittercity and Usually, it’s at least 18 years.



Become a home-sitter

If you love to stay at home, housesitting would sound like a perfect gig for you. Looking after someone’s house might also require you to feed their pets, water their plants, take out their garbage, etc. You can sign up on a site like to get connected to homeowners.

You can also use your social network to find house-sitting jobs. You would make somewhere around $25 to $46 a day.

Setup: Quick. It takes just a few minutes to sign up at, but landing your first gig could take some time.

Payment: You usually receive the payment from the homeowner as soon as you finish your work.

Prerequisites: Most websites and homeowners require you to be above a certain age.



Trade-in gift cards that aren’t of use to you

If you have gift cards that are useless for you, you can sell them online and offline. Also, you can exchange the unwanted gift coupons you have for those you actually want. Sites like CardCash, Cardpool, or Gift Card Granny facilitate the selling and exchange of gift cards. Gift Card Granny also has locations where you can sell your cards for instant cash.

Setup: Quick. Websites like CardCash, Cardpool, etc. give instant offers.

Payment: Selling gift cards via cashier-assisting locations is a way of earning instant cash. Selling them online might take a little longer, but it’s likely to secure a better price online.

Prerequisites: Only gift cards with a minimum amount would be resold. Just any random cards do not get offers.



Get some freelancing gigs online

With websites like Fiverr, Upwork,, you can find a range of jobs like writing, designing, programming, data entry, virtual assistance, digital marketing, and many more. You could also check websites like One Hour Translation or Gengo and make use of your knowledge of languages by translating. If you’re considering freelance, research the market price for the work you’re willing to do. That will help you know how much to charge.

Setup: Quick. Upwork approves profiles within a day. They usually approve profiles when there’s plenty of work available on the site. But it’s not always easy to land a freelance job. Most of the time it takes time to get your first freelancing work, so don’t give up too soon.

Payment: Medium. Payment methods vary from one site to another. Once you finish your work on Upwork, it is reviewed by the client, and then you’re paid 15 days later. On Fiverr, you get your payment when you finish your gig, but you cannot withdraw your funds before 14 days.

Prerequisites: Age requirements are different on each site. On Upwork, the minimum age is 18. On Fiverr, it is 13. On it is 16. Some websites also require citizenship or permanent residence in the U.S.



Test apps and websites

If you can review and test websites, sign up on to get paid for your website reviews. You can check the working of apps and websites for glitches, interfaces, etc. There’s a quick test for screening and then you’ll get $10 for every 20-minute test you perform. These tests will involve recording and responding to a few follow-up questions. If you can do a video chat with a client after the test, you can earn around $120.

Setup: Medium. The application procedure involves finishing one test as a sample. Once your application gets accepted, you’ll start getting the testing work.

Payment: Quick. You’ll receive your payment via PayPal one week after the completion of the test.

Prerequisites: The minimum age requirement for website testing is 18. You’ll need a microphone, fast internet, and a computer. If you’re testing mobile apps, you’ll also need a smartphone or tablet.