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Top 30 Small Business Ideas And Startups For Beginners (2 of 6)

Homestay Business

When we are planning travel expenses, a sizable chunk is allocated to hotel fares. The exorbitant prices charged by the hotels is leading people to look for a homestay facility instead.

Furthermore, during peak seasons, it becomes nearly impossible to even find a hotel with a vacant room. That’s where a homestay becomes their savior.

If you have any idle rooms or unused area in your house, think of changing it into a homestay business area. Some investment will be needed in the furnishing and decor of those rooms, so that your guests feel comfortable.



Online Tutoring

The advancements in technology and widespread reach of the Internet have given impetus to online tutoring. Students that fail or can’t take regular classes fall back on online tutoring to complete their syllabus.

Select the subject you are well-versed in and begin tutoring. Do a few days of trials if the flash of the camera makes you nervous and sweaty.



Agriculture Business

A business in agriculture is everything about production and marketing agricultural commodities. It can be farming crops or livestock. If you have a vast agricultural land that can support agriculture, put it to use and start a business.

Here are a few excellent agriculture business ideas:

  • Poultry farming
  • Fish farming
  • Beekeeping
  • Basket weaving
  • Agriculture farm
  • Fertilizer production
  • Dairy farming
  • Vegetable farming
  • Fruits farming



Makeup Artist

Newer and better makeup products are being launched in the market that cater to not only females, but also males. This has made make-up artist businesses a viable option.

It’s a high-profit business that doesn’t suffer in times of recession. Besides, there is no season for the makeup business and you will have work all round the year. Stop overthinking and get started if you have the capability to transform someone’s looks with makeup products.



Interior Designer

If you want to channel the creative segment of your brain, interior designing may be the appropriate small business choice for you. This is one trend that’s growing at a tremendous rate.

Within the field of interior design, there are different areas to choose from. A few of them being home designing, office designing, commercial space designing, etc.

A business in interior designing means you have to interact with new clients each day.

Therefore, your business card has to be unique to make a good impression. Several tools are available that help you design really professional cards.