These Companies Are Giving You Free Money To Work For Them!

Even with COVID and the recession hitting, the job market still has some promising aspects for people. There are still many companies that are eager for workers and some of them are even offering massive incentives for their potential employees. One of which is a sign-on bonus.

For example, one big employer that’s offering these bonuses is Amazon. The online retail giant currently is offering a $1,500 sign-on bonus for the various jobs they have available across America.

Amazon isn’t the only one either. To list off a few others you have:

If any of those sound interesting or you’re looking for other sign-on bonuses, here are some questions to consider.


Will There Be Other Industries Offering These?

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The industries that are offering these right now are the ones that have gotten a tremendous influx of demand for their services since this pandemic started. The pandemic has changed a lot of our lives and that includes the many businesses that we rely on on a regular basis. In order to not crumble under all of the demand, businesses are offering these incentives in order to bring people on.

From the list above, you can already piece that together. With the recession happening, mortgages and banking rates are lower and, thus, more people are taking advantage of those opportunities. Health care is being impacted for obvious reasons, but it’s not just doctors that are in high demand. It’s other general staff too. Customer service has also shifted as well since more people are working from home today.



Is It Possible To Find Other Places With Sign-On Bonuses?

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Absolutely. Use many of the job search sites and you’ll find plenty. All you have to do is go to sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, or FlexJobs and look for “sign-on bonus” or “signing bonus”.


Why Are These Companies Giving Out These Bonuses?

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Outside of what was mentioned above, companies know that their entire industry is in the same sort of state they’re personally in. In order for them to stay ahead, they’re looking to appeal to those with the most talent. Since money is a typically good incentive at the start, sign-on bonuses are a way for companies to appeal to high-demand professions.



Will There Ever Be More Sign-On Bonuses?

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Our guess is maybe. The future is unpredictable and we have no clue how the economy or the job market is going to shift. If there are rising hiring deficits out there, we’ll find these bonuses to appear more and more in particular fields. However if things recover and return back to their original state, we could see less of them. It’s all supply and demand at this point.