The Unexpected Truth Céline Dion Shared About Recording “My Heart Will Go On” for ‘Titanic’


Titanic is one of the climactic moments in Céline Dion’s career. Originally, James Cameron didn’t want a singer for “My Heart Will Go On.” Here, Céline tells the story behind “Titanic” and wearing Asprey’s “Heart of the Ocean” necklace on the red carpet like Gloria Stuart (Rose.) 🌹 Full interview available on Vogue’s YouTube now. —Team Celine Titanic est l’un des moments les plus forts de la carrière de Céline Dion. À l’origine, James Cameron ne voulait pas de chanteuse pour « My Heart Will Go On ». Ici, Céline raconte l’histoire de son implication sur « Titanic » et du jour où elle a porté le collier « Heart of the Ocean » d’Asprey sur le tapis rouge des Oscars, telle Gloria Stuart (Rose.) 🌹-Team Céline #celinedion #vogue #voguefrance

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When Titanic hit theaters in December 1997, no one foresaw the massive impact it would have. The touching tale of forbidden love, paired with Céline Dion’s unforgettable “My Heart Will Go On,” swiftly became a cultural touchstone.  
Interestingly, Dion’s iconic song almost didn’t make it into the film…
Recently Céline shared a video on her TikTok page where she spilled a surprising secret: Director James Cameron initially wanted no song for Titanic.
“James Cameron, the director, didn’t want any song,” she revealed in the video. “He said, ‘My movie is strong enough. It doesn’t need a song.'”
So, how did Céline become involved with Titanic? She recounted that the songwriter of “My Heart Will Go On” approached her and her late husband and manager, René Angélil, about her singing the track. Céline was hesitant since the director was against it, but René suggested to the writer, “Why don’t we just go to Los Angeles and do a quick demo? She can lay down her vocals.” Céline laughed, “I knew I was in trouble then! I didn’t want to sing the song, and the director didn’t want a song in his movie. But I knew that once I was in the studio and heard the music, I’d get into the character.”
Céline agreed to record a demo, and upon hearing Titanic’s storyline, she was moved to tears. The plan was to record a simple one-take demo to present to James Cameron. However, the initial recording turned out so well that it became the final version used in the film. Céline was never asked to re-record it.
“I sang the song in one take, and that was it,” she explained. “They used that one-take recording.”
It’s clear that Dion’s intuition was spot on. “My Heart Will Go On” not only won an Oscar but also garnered numerous other awards.