Styling Tips To Instantly Level Up Your Fashion Game (3 of 3)

Don’t be afraid to try different proportions

A crazy-sized top with shorts. A bra top paired with a bulky quilted jacket. Fashion is all about playing with the proportions and standing out. And it doesn’t just stand true for big and small pieces, but also with tight and loose clothes, structured textures and soft ones, thick materials and light ones.



Wear a hat

Fashion demands you to make a statement and create a specific look, and there is no better accessory to lift up your look than a nice hat. We agree, some outfits might end up looking like a costume, but that is exactly the point here!



Cross-body bag should always be in the front

If you are wearing a cross-body bag, always make sure to pull it up in the front for others to see it. It is the best part of the ensemble anyway, so why not shoot it off! Another clever little trick is to make sure you adjust the bag’s strap in such a way that one side is shorter and perfectly sits on your waist instead of being on the top part of your legs.



Wear ‘em sunglasses

If you have that feeling that your dress is lacking something that you cannot really figure out, chances are it is a pair of decent sunglasses. It works even well if you match it with the rest of your dress. Also, they are easier to put on than any kind of eye makeup, just saying.

This is all the fashion tips we had to help you look the best version of yourself. Style your clothes accordingly and be ready to amaze everyone with your fabulous taste in fashion.