Styling Tips To Instantly Level Up Your Fashion Game (2 of 3)

Graphic tee with a blazer

You can also go with an edgy graphic T-shirt with denims and a luxe blazer that gives you that uber cool look. It is totally effortless and matches both dressed-up and casual events, so you can wear it no matter where you are going to go.



Wear a jacket on your shoulders

Your jacket isn’t just a jacket. Instead, it is your cape that has sleeves that just casually drop by your arms. You can sport this look especially during the transitional weather periods, as it makes sure you don’t feel too warm, but gives you just enough coverage.



Add a bunch of layers

If you want to play it safe, add more and more layers to your outfit. The more layers the outfit has, the lesser chance any one particular piece has to make or break your look, so go all out. For instance, you can wear tights, then a mesh shirt, and an outfit over it, and finally a coat! Just pretend you are the fashionable onion! Bonus tip: This will work best in the winters when you have to layer things up anyway!



Change your footwear

Another interesting fashion tip is to wear footwear opposite to what you normally think of wearing. Replace those high heels with boots, sandals with those sneakers, or flat boots with high heels. The “crazier” it feels, the better it is for your look. Trust us on this one.



Do not tuck in the top completely

Irrespective of whether it is a tank top, a sweater, or a collared shirt, just pull out that middle piece in the front and tuck it down in a loose manner. This instantly gives your look a lift up. The lesser you think about tucking that shirt in, the better it is fashion-wise.

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