Celebrities who had their nudes leaked

Source: metro.us

Earlier this week, singer Sia posted a nude photo to herself on Twitter. “Someone is apparently trying to sell naked photos of me to my fans,” she wrote. “Save your money, here it is for free.” It was upsetting, for sure, but a stark reminder that this kind of thing, unfortunately, still happens.

To be clear, the leaking of nude photographs — whether those photographs are of celebrities, or of mere normals — is wrong and wildly inappropriate. It’s revenge porn. It’s a crime. And yet, Sia is not the first celebrity to have nude pictures of her leaked. And she likely will not be the last.

Back in 2014, in a leak deemed as “The Fappening,” hundreds of nude, semi-nude and otherwise revealing pictures of female celebrities were leaked — stolen from their iCloud or otherwise. The victims included a wide range of screen queens, including Kristen Dunst, Teresa Palmer and Jennifer Lawrence.

“Nashville” star Hayden Panetierre had personal images leaked as part of the “Fappening.” (Getty)



Nude photos of Brad Pitt and then-girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow vacationing in 1997 were published in Playboy. (Getty)