15 Accidental Shots That Turned Out To Be Too Perfect

There are billion smartphone users in this world and almost all of them know how to take pictures with it. Most of the times, people take time to pose for a picture but sometimes you happen to click pictures accidentally. Those accidental pictures turn out to be horrifying at times and perfect the other times.

Here are 15 accidental shots that turned out to be too perfect to believe.

1. Sliding on the surface of the water is cooler than swimming in it.

What do you think about this picture? The man looks like he’s sliding on the surface of the water. Whoever took this picture was very lucky with the timing of clicking it.




2. Mutant pigeon? Nope!

When you take a glimpse at this picture, it looks like it is a picture of one giant pigeon. But it is just an illusion that makes it appear as the bird and the man are on the same level.




3. Cats are deadly!

4. Is this a Renaissance painting of a woman with a modern dress?

This is pure art. Also, a second before the disaster. I am feeling sorry for that woman.




5. I am having some serious doubts about the groom.

This picture was supposed to be romantic picture of the bride and the groom but turns out to be a snapshot of some thriller movie. Or maybe the groom is really a shark disguised as human. Who knows?




6. A man with a body of a woman?

What was the designer thinking when he designed this sitting area? Or maybe he wasn’t thinking about it at all.

7. One-legged army man? I don’t think so!

The army men marching fascinate me. Look at this picture taken at the perfect time when his one leg is up in the air while he was marching making it seem like he only has one leg.




8. Conjoined twins?

They are not but can you please tell to whom does that body belong? I can only see one body but two heads.




9. Can a shot be more perfect than this?

The lake is so still and this man going to plunge and make a huge splash. But at this moment nothing can be more perfect than this.

10. I call this a perfect illusion.

I honestly thought that there’s a car parked next to that white van. If this is not a perfect illusion, I don’t know what is.




11. This legless doggo can fly.

Dogs are amazing. Flying dogs are even more amazing. And this flying fluffy fur ball is super amazing. You can even see his legs.




12. Baby with hobbit feet?

This baby is perfectly positioned at a place where his father’s feet are looking like his making it look like baby has the hobbit feet.

13. When you skip an arm day…

The angle from where the picture is taken makes a huge difference in the picture. In this photo, a man is standing in a perfect place where an arm of other man standing a little further is looking like his, only a little small.




14. Momma with baby arms.

Another grown up with tiny arms. This mother and daughter are posing for a picture in such a way that it appears mom’s arms are as tiny as her daughter’s.




15. He thinks his opponent needs a mustache.

This is tough moment but pretty funny one. The mustache tattoo of the wrestler is perfectly suiting his opponent.