Top 21 Food Trends Of 2021 (2 of 5)

Mental Health Cooking

The kind of food you eat plays a major role in maintaining your cognitive and mental health.

And 2020 was perhaps the most stressful year for most people on this planet. It is, therefore, crucial to take care of your mental wellbeing, now more than ever.

When our body is malnourished and lacks certain nutrients, we start facing numerous health issues. And this is the major reason why more and more people are finally eating what’s better for their body and mind. There are tons of superfoods and ingredients that can take care of all the anxiety and tiredness, and improve your overall mental wellbeing.



Pantry Meals

From trying to make ends meet to cooking during the quarantine, last year saw a lot of people trying to familiarize themselves with all the ingredients in their kitchen. With all the luxury of ordering in or having a stacked grocery shelf out of the equation, more and more people figured out how to shop intelligently so as to make the best of those overlooked cans and dry foods at the grocery store, transforming them into healthy, delicious meals.



“Flexitarian” Diets

It isn’t feasible for everyone to completely switch to a 100% plant-based diet overnight, which is why “flexitarian” diets are increasingly becoming popular. The concept is quite simple: meat is now once every fortnight kind of food instead of being a part of your daily diet.

Even a small reduction in meat consumption will go a long way in improving our health and also that of our environment, which makes it one of the best trends of 2021.




With restrictions on public gatherings owing to the pandemic, more and more people opted for the takeout instead of eating their favorite foods in the restaurants last year. This year, the trend will continue and will remain one of the top food trends of 2021.

Whether you are someone who just wants to support businesses in their locality, support the dying restaurant industry in general, a diehard foodie, or a combination of the three, it is time for you to place an order for delivery or pickup.



Vegetarianism and Veganism

While vegetarianism and veganism aren’t really “trends”, more and more people made the switch to the lifestyle last year. With research and data pointing towards the benefits of vegetarianism and veganism not just to our physical and mental wellbeing but also to that of our environment, many are leaving meat-based diets completely. A lot of people are giving up animal products entirely, in order to live a sustainable and healthy life.

Organizations such as the American Dietetic Association have time and again said that vegetarian diets are completely fine for all age groups. Plus, given the abundance of choices one gets in plant-based foods, the trend is finally picking up pace and will continue to grow in the future.

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