What Happens To Your Body if You Eat Salads Every Day

Salads are all the hype when it comes to healthy foods. They’re often very good for you, and they’re a whole lot tastier than you’d expect. Sadly, there’s still this image among people that salads are boring food that are basically 80% lettuce with some random stuff thrown on top of it. And while that’s true for most cases, there are some benefits to eating a proper salad that can’t be easily replaced with something else.

Let’s take a look at how eating a salad a day would keep the doctor away, if you’d be able to keep it up for longer than a few weeks.

What Happens To Your Body if You Eat Salads Every Day

Healthy Fats

What? Fats can be healthy? Sure they can! Most of the fats found in fish and vegetables are actually good for you. The ones you want to avoid are the saturated ones, which are mostly found in red meat. So whatever you do, don’t feel too bad about those extra seeds, nuts, or even slices of chicken you’re adding to your salad. It’s all good in the long run!

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Something else salads are abundant of are fibers. What are they useful for, you ask? Well, to put it as delicately as humanly possible, fibers make sure your large intestine works at regular intervals like it’s supposed to. Just be sure that when you’re adding more fiber to your diet, do it in a gradual manner and not bombard your system with fibers.

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Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is something many people deal with these days, and having your proper share of salads can help with that. Animal products are known to increase blood pressure, so by moving over to a more plant-based diet you’ll fix that problem before it happens. The most important plant-based foods are things like beets, berries, or even just regular old leafy greens.